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The Beginning


Great-grandson of Federico Quercia, maximum exponent of the Neapolitan Risorgimento, journalist of the expedition of the thousand, professor of philosophy at the Federico II University of Naples, and nephew of Federico Quercia, historian and philosopher, awarded with the gold medal for culture by the Italian Premier Saragat, Mr. Quercia was born  in a family of writers and musicians. His father Umberto was an excellent  musician and guitarist and gave to him the basics element of guitar technique and the art of arranging. “My father was brilliant! I learnt from him how to play all kind of music, from Gershwin to the Beatles, Brazilian and classical guitar tunes”. Federico debuted as a soloist at the age of 18 at the “Circolo Artistico Politecnico” of  Naples. Then he continued his studies under the supervision of the guitarist-composer Raimondo Di Sandro. 


United States of America


In July 1991 Federico moved in San Diego CA following English and ethno-musicology class at UCSD. The 5th August he met at the Blue Note of San Diego the great Master of the Brazilian guitar Laurindo Almeida, one of the fathers of this instrument. Federico was totally captured by Laurindo's mastery and artistry. “I was totally amazed by Laurindo. As soon as he sent to me his catalogue “Braziliance” with his arrangements I quickly started working on it”. In San Diego Mr. Quercia has collaborated with San Diego Samba School, the Colombian singer Yamel Chiriboga and performed for Sherwood High School.



In 2002  Mr. Quercia obtained a Master of Music with First-class Honors in Classical Guitar Performance at the prestigious Conservatorium of Music San Pietro a Majella of Naples (Italy). Naples was  the capital of music during the Baroque time and the Conservatorium, which boasts the most important music library in the world, host the prestigious Neapolitan School of Music. Famous musicians such as  Alessandro Scarlatti, Domenico Scarlatti, Domenico Cimarosa, Vincenzo Bellini, Ruggero Leoncavallo and guitarist-composers such as Mauro Giuliani, Ferdinando Carulli, Federico Moretti, Gaspar Sanz, belong to that school. As part of his graduate and postgraduate training Federico studied in Naples with Antimo Pedata, and has been exposed to a world renowned musicians and guitarists, such as Laurindo Almeida, Aniello Desiderio, Gianni Palazzo, Marco Socias, Ciro Zincone and the Italian Composer Luca Belcastro.

New Zealand

In January 2004 Federico started his EO in New Zealand. In March he gave the first recital at the Nelson School of Music, the oldest music school in the country. His performance was highly acclaimed from the student and the staff. - “The students were enthralled by Federico’s talent” - David Nylor (Head of School). In April Federico arrived in Christchurch were settled down and performed in many venues such as  the autumn concert series at Canterbury University, two hours concert broadcast live on the Radio Wammo at Lincoln University, for Canterbury Plainsmen Chorus at James Hay Theatre in the Christchurch Town Hall, European Music Festival in the Great Hall of the Christchurch Arts Centre, for the Russian Cultural Centre at School of Music Chapel in the Christchurch Cathedral, at the opening of the collective exhibition “Under the Same Sky” organized by The Office of Ethnic Affairs of Christchurch in The Arts Centre, Burnside High School, PEETO Multicultural Learning Centre,  Dante Alighieri Italian Society. In September Mr. Quercia opened a guitar studio in the Arts Centre of Christchurch an old university in gothic style which guest artist from all the world.




In 2005 Mr. Quercia was appointed Head of Classical Guitar at The University of Auckland where he taught to students from Fiji, Samoa, Tonga,  South America, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Europe, United Kingdom etc. At the same faculty, beside the performance course, he also had a brief experience as a Chamber Music tutor, Latin American Guitar Studies tutor in the Jazz faculty and the Academy of Music as well. During the years Mr Quercia has increased interest for the classical guitar among the students and the music environment in Auckland consequently increasing the number of students enrolled at the faculty. In 2006 Federico was employed at Otahuhu college and Penrose High School where he runned a project: “Pacific Guitar Studies” making a cultural exchange between the university and the colleges of the Auckland area. In 2007 Federico was also employed at Pakuranga College, Takapuna College, Epsom Music School, Cornwall Park School, Tangaroa College (2009). In Auckland he didn’t stop giving recitals including Raye Freedman Arts Centre for the Epsom Girls Grammar School students, Albert House, St. George’s Church for The Shore Singers, Hebron College, The Auckland travel Club, Seventh-Day Adventist School, Dante Society of Auckland and many other. In February 2009, following a successful recital in the King’s College Auditorium, Federico was employed from the school as a guitar tutor. In March he was appointed Head of Classical Guitar at The University of Waikato in Hamilton.


South America

In June 2009 Federico moved to Santiago of Chile. At The University of Chile in Santiago he attended an intensive course (80 hours) focused on the contemporary music and directed by the Italian composer Luca Belcastro. Federico has taken part of COPIU, a project directed by the same composer, Luca Belcastro. The project involves compositors and interpreters from all Latin American's countries. Mr. Quercia, who has been selected as one of the interpreters, performed works by the Brazilian composer Radamès Gnattali. In Santiago Federico has also collaborated with many institutes and schools giving conferences, master classes, workshops, demonstrations, courses on the latin American guitar literature and early music. His concert - master class on the Latin American contemporary music, given  at the Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, was highly appreciated by the students and the staff. In Santiago Mr. Quercia gave recitals including the Italian Institute of Culture for the COPIU final concert, Italian Stadium, Universidad de Humanismo Cristiano, Universidad Catòlica in duo with the Cuban pianist Alexandro Malde. In December, following a successful masterclass given at the Universidad de las Americas, was appointed professor in classical guitar for the students enrolled at "3° curso con distinciòn".  



Once back in Italy Federico taught freelance and also collaborating with several Music Institute in Florence and Siena including “G. Pascoli” Institute of Montepulciano, Oltrarno Institute of Florence, SS. Annunziata del Poggio Imperiale, Suore Serve di Maria S.S. Addolorata; he took part of the Festival "Cittadini del Mondo" with a recital given at Arena Auditorium of San Casciano Val di Pesa (Florence) and performed at Centre of Latino American Studies of Florence and the premiere of his recital “Guitar at the Opera” given at Parish Church of San Leonardo, Cerreto-Guidi – Florence (Italy) dedicated to the Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci.

NZ Tour


In 2013 Mr. Quercia went back in NZ for a tour supported by Louis Eady and Alhambra Guitars giving recitals among which the  Auckland Italian Institute of Culture, the Winter Festival at The St. Paul’s Cathedral in Dunedin, Rangiora Library in Christchurch, Aurora Centre of Performing Arts of Christchurch. During the tour Federico was interview by Radio NZ and started connecting with Auckland University Music Department. In 2016 Mr. Quercia was asked to take his position at Auckland University in order to rebuild up the guitar class.


Back in Italy


In 2016 Mr. Quercia took his decision to settle down in Italy living between the Chianti region (Tuscany) and The Majella National Park (Abruzzo) where he founded the “Accademia Chitarristica Sulmonese” working with most advanced and talented students coming from many countries. In Florence the Italian Opera has its roots and here Federico improved his research on the connection between the guitar and the Lyric, particularly focusing on the Italian Opera Arias composed by Giuseppe Verdi and Gioacchino Rossini. He performed extensively in Italy mostly Tuscany and Abruzzo including: “MoMu International Music Festival” in the Parish Church of San Piero in Mercato located in Montespertoli (Florence); the international festival “Voci e Suoni d’estate a Reggello” in the Vallombrosa Abbey, an Historic Place located in Tuscany near Florence visited by King Charles III; the International Festival “Natale a Perugia” in the magnificent hall Sala dei Notari of Palazzo dei Notari located in Perugia; Montevarchi Summer Program in the Paleontological Museum (Arezzo); the prestigious Biblioteca Sperelliana of Gubbio (Umbria); Teatro Cinema Pacifico of Sulmona; Camerata Musicale Sulmonese concert hall in the Sardi Palace, which host a temple of the lyric dedicated to Maria Caniglia; the Orsini Castle Theatre (Avezzano); Pescostanzo Summer Festival in the Auditorium San Nicola; Sulmona Summer Festival in the Cortile della Santissima Annunziata ; Lake of Scanno Summer Festival in the Auditorium G. Calogero; Chiostro di S.Francesco, Città Sant’Angelo (Pescara) and many others.

In the 90’ Federico has made recording and appeared in several TV programs with the Mandolinist Rossano De Maio.

Mr. Quercia has obtained numerous awards by New Zealand Ministry of Education, following the research and promotion of the classical guitar studies inside the university music departments and the Schools; by the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Embassy, participating in the effort towards artistic education and the dissemination of the Italian culture among schools and the universities; by the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs of New Zealand; by the Russian Cultural Institute and the multicultural language center of Christchurch; by  the Martuscelli Society of Naples following his recital given at the Cilea Theatre; by the Municipality and the Resp. of Culture of Montevarchi:

Dear Mrs. Isetto, I follow the event you organized on the 25th at the cloister of the paleontological museum to represent my appreciation for the performer of the concert, the Master Federico Quercia. In particular, he was able to transform an opera into a splendid guitar performance. I would therefore like to express to the performer the assurance of my esteem. With heartfelt cordiality -  The Manager of the third sector LL.PP and environment." Architect Alfredo D'Ercole

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