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Federico Quercia in "Rete Abruzzo Magazine" 

"Was opened on Sunday evening at the headquarters of the Camerata Musicale Sulmonese, the music festival "The opera world through the six strings "organized in collaboration with the Academy Chitarristica Sulmona. The concert was a wanted time to classical guitar where the strings of the instrument, played by highly sensitive hands of the master Federico Quercia, they have replaced the full complexity orchestra designed for Italian opera. The maestro Federico Quercia has indeed performed excerpts from Nabucco and Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi (18131901) arranged and rearranged respectively by guitarist and Polish composer Joseph Kaspar Mertz (18061856) and the famous Spanish author Francisco Tarrega (18,521,909). Among other executions The Rossiniane No. 1 Op. 119 and No. 5 Op. 123, taken from the works of Gioacchino Rossini (17921868). The Rossiniane are six compositions for guitar and cello guitarist Mauro Giuliani (17811829) in which they are presented famous arias and themes of the composer from Pesaro works nineteenth century in the custom of playing, especially for the wealthy bourgeoisie, the melodies in vogue of contemporary works. Each group of songs has been told and introduced by the teacher making the musical moment ever dialogue with the audience. Which did not fail to express its appreciation with felt applause and the request for two encores. The Sunday event kicked off with a fresh and new reality Sulmona, the Academy Guitar that has among its founders own the master Federico Quercia who, after a career of International success, in 2013 he moved to Sulmona teaching at some comprehensive schools and at the Camerata Musicale Sulmonese. The intent of the master and his collaborators is to create a guitar school of excellence on the Sulmona area and beyond. The concert's season will kick off next year. In between time, the concert on July 24 will be repeated in the following locations: 31 July 2016 in Vasto "Midnight Concerts" to Avalos Gardens, August 18, 2016 at Pescocostanzo Auditorium San Nicola, September 24 at the Orsini Castle in Avezzano, October 15, 2016 in Teramo at Auditorium San Carlo." By Lucrezia Daniele

Federico Quercia in  "Centroabruzzonews"
18. 7. 2016

SULMONA - Music Summer outstanding in Abruzzo thanks to the classical guitar professor Federico Quercia, who will perform a series of concerts starting on July 24 at 21.00, at the headquarters of the Camerata Musicale di Vico dei Sardi in Sulmona and, in follow at Vasto for "midnight Concerts" of the July 31 scheduled to Avalos Gardens, in Pescocostanzo (Auditorium San Nicola) August 18, September 24 at the Orsini Castle in Avezzano and October 15 in Teramo at the Auditorium San Carlo. The works of Giuseppe Verdi and Gioacchino Rossini are so skillfully interpreted the six strings thanks to the professionalism and love for the music of guitarist and professor Federico Quercia, Naples and Abruzzo source adoption. Quercia, who trained at the prestigious school Neapolitan guitar and graduated with honors from the Conservatory of Music "S. Pietro a Majella "in Naples at the age of 35 years, guitar in shoulder and aimless, he moved to New Zealand with the intention of teaching Maori to play this instrument. After performing in theaters and concert halls the most prestigious in the country, just to name a few: Canterbury University, Auckland Town Hall, James Hay Theatre, Great Hall in The Arts Centre, Russian Cultural Centre, Italian Cultural Institute, Aurora Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln University, he obtained, in 2005, the chair at the University of Auckland, and to follow that of the University of Waikato in Hamilton. At the same time he worked as a lecturer in various College, some of which are frequented mainly by Maori. In 2009 came another prestigious award: the appointment as a professor at the University de Las Americas in Santiago, Chile. During these 12 years of artistic career, he has traveled the world performing as a soloist and in chamber ensembles in Europe, USA, Australia, Chile, New Zealand. The 12 years of traveling were to Mr Quercia not only a period of studded experiences of success, through both academic life on the concert, but also a stage of life full of challenges difficult to deal with, passed brilliantly, that have enriched the artistic abilities and personal master. passionate guitarist, Mr Quercia today represents a model musician able to draw from the experience of living through reality very different from the European one, the stimulus to revive learning guitar through a personalized study model designed to bring out the personality and the student's skills. Why, having started 12 years ago to the other side of the globe, chasing a dream then made to teach the guitar to Maori, now directs the Guitar Academy in Sulmona, where he regularly lectures along with renowned teachers international. The decision to create the Academy in Abruzzo was born thanks to the determination and clarity of artistic intent of the teacher, who, after a period spent teaching in various comprehensive schools of the district, he realized to be the bearer of educational models to allow maximum student self-expression, as opposed to those applicants based on group lessons, which does not allow the student to express himself, pulling out the best the artistic potential. The Academy Chitarristica Sulmonese is why today a "high-profile school and cultural association sponsoring prestigious events in the field of guitar. A new musical reality present on an Abruzzo territory that aims to offer children adequate musical and instrumental preparation, without preceding utilitarian ethical ones. " Welcome back in Italy to the Professo Quercia, we await with interest his first concert on July 24 in Sulmona."

The guitar of Federico Quercia guest at the prestigious Sala dei Notari of Perugia. 
Perugia on line 5. 12 . 2016

PERUGIA. Makes a stop in Perugia the music of Federico Quercia, the performer of classical guitar, known in the news for his experience "in the dark" in New Zealand, where he had gone, with virtually no contact or a roof over their heads, to teach Maori, the native people, to play his instrument of the heart. Mr Quercia was trained in the prestigious Neapolitan guitar school: Professor at the University of Auckland and director of Accademia Chitarristica Sulmonese, he recently founded, will be a guest in the beautiful Sala dei Notari in Palazzo dei Priori, in the center of Perugia, with the concert "The Opera world through the six strings". A journey into the classical opera world, discovering timeless myths like Giuseppe Verdi and Gioacchino Rossini, and their masterpieces: La Traviata, Nabucco, The Barber of Seville, Othello, The Italiana in Algieri. The event, part of the Christmas concert series organized and sponsored by the city of Perugia, will be held at 18 pm with free admission. Perugia on line Magazine

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