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"THE POET OF THE GUITAR".  Prof. Paolo Spigliati

Classical Guitar

La musica libera la nostra anima da catene invisibili e

l'adorna di ali per librarsi leggera. 

Music frees our soul from invisible chains and adorns it with wings to soar lightly.

Annagrazia Ruscitti 

UK tour 2024

"GUITAR AT THE OPERA"  famous italian Opera arias compsed by Giuseppe Verdi and Gioacchino Rossini arr. by M.Giuliani, J.K Mertz.


"The magic guitar of Federico Quercia  has made special the charity concert in favor of the earthquake victims, with a focus on children and the younger generation. Two hours of excitement and memories with a tribute to Mina, Pino Daniele and Totò but also with the italian Opera that remains the queen of the stage. Mr.Quercia, established artist founded the Accademia Chitarristica Sulmonese in Sulmona (Italy). On the Pacific Theatre stage he managed to be emotioned himself and give emotions to the audience, leaving everyone speechless. "Federico has this feature that makes him unique and special" - said the organizer Andrea Tella - pleased with the success of the event."

Mr Quercia is a preminent classical guitarist in New Zealand and Italy with over than 25 years of experience in teaching and performing internationally. In 2005 he was appointed Head of Classical Guitar at The University Of Auckland. In 2009 Federico joined the staff of Waikato University. In 2010 following a successful master class, obtained the chair at the Universidad of las Americas, in Santiago of Chile. In 2016 he became Director of The Sulmona Classical Guitar Academy. Mr. Quercia gave a large number of recitals as soloist in EU, UK, South America, USA, NZ and took part in Music Festivals around the world.
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